The reason I want a Marauders movie so bad is because I wanna see Lily growing up with Petunia. I wanna see Sirius meeting and growing with Remus, James, Peter and especially Regulas and Bellatrix. I wanna see his home life and childhood. I wanna see Remus coming to terms with being bitten and dealing with that. I reeeeally want to see Tom and Severus. I just want to see more background on them all because they are such integral parts of the story.


Let me just say that sirius endured 12 years of Azkaban and 2 years on the run but his home-grimmauld place-that’s what was intolerable for him, and if that doesn’t tell you everything you need to know about his childhood idk what does.

"Remus doesn’t have a girlfriend because he’s a lone wolf."
- James or Sirus at some point most likely (anunashamednerdgirl)
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